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Outworld Devourer Artifact Card

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Outworld Devourer
Outworld Devourer
Card Rarity
Attack 4
ILLUSTRATOR: Joseph Meehan
Blue  Hero
Abilities & Effects
Essence Aura
ESSENCE AURA Reactive Effect
After you play a blue card, there is a 50% chance to restore 2 Mana.
Attack Attack
Armor Armor
Health Health
Steam Price History Sep 30, 2023
CHANGE 0.00%
HIGH $0.03
LOW $0.03

Outworld Devourer

Outworld Devourer is an uncommon blue hero card in Artifact. While most players tend to overlook this hero for other seemingly more superior ones, Outworld Devourer is certainly a force to be reckoned with, though definitely not a hero for all. His ability, Essence Aura, is a reactive effect where there’s a 50% chance for you to restore 2 points of mana after you play a blue card.

While his health is rather average for a blue hero, with over 4 points of Attack, Outworld Devourer has the highest Attack of any blue hero in the game. Outworld Devourer is a hero that is not suitable for every deck and we recommend putting him in an all-blue deck instead of a hybrid one. In the current state for this hero, there are some cards that you can use to make him more viable in the game. First off, you can abuse his signature card, Astral Imprisonment, as it stuns a unit and gives your enemy’s unit Damage Immunity on that round. It’s also best to have any card which reduces the Mana cost of blue spells, this way Outworld Devourer’s ability, Essence Aura can be abused in a combo deck. For example, if Cunning Plans were to cost 0 Mana at all and Foresight were to cost less than 3 Mana, you can pair that up with Incarnation of Selemene in a much earlier turn, which sure beats having to wait until late in the game.

We can likely look forward to a more “reanimated” Outworld Devourer in the future since this rather underrated hero card can become broken overnight. Furthermore, his ability is perhaps the only one to give repeatable, targetable immunity. That kind of effect alone is enough to keep this blue hero in your strategies down the line.

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