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Sorla Khan Artifact Card

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Sorla Khan
Sorla Khan
Card Rarity
Attack 8
ILLUSTRATOR: Tyler Jacobson
Black  Hero
Abilities & Effects
WARMONGER Continuous Effect
Solra Khan deals +4 damage when attacking a tower.
Attack Attack
Armor Armor
Health Health
Steam Price History Mar 22, 2019
CHANGE -33.30%
HIGH $0.04
LOW $0.03

Sorla Khan

Sorla Khan is an uncommon Black Hero card. She’s one of the three DOTA heroes that were released back in March 2018 along with Kanna and Rix. Sorla Khan is a spear-wielding warrior who knows no fear and belongs to the same tribe as Axe does. In the DOTA lore, when Axe left the Red Mist army, she became their leader in his stead. In general, Red heroes strike a formidable presence in the game, especially during the early meta. As a hero in Artifact, Sorla Khan allows for a great deal of aggression if your goal is to make a tower push and end the game.

With regards to her effect in the game, Sorla Khan is perfect when it comes to dealing damage to towers. Her ability, Warmonger, is a continuous effect that lets her deal +4 damage when attacking a tower. With her attack already at 8 points, destroying your enemy’s tower in lane should prove to be no problem at all. Sorla is exceptionally good in the draft, and it can be hard to stop her if Assault Ladders go out early. Her signature card, Assault Ladders, gives her allies an additional +2 damage when attacking a tower. If you have a black deck that has good, early creeps and melee creep spawns, you can take over the lane with her within four to five turns quite easily.

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