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Vesture of the Tyrant Artifact Card

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Vesture of the Tyrant
Item Type
Equipped hero has +3 Armor and Rapid Deployment. Your tower has +3 Armor.
Card Rarity
ILLUSTRATOR: Suzanne Helmigh
Item Type  Item
Gold Cost:  19
Abilities & Effects
Equipped hero has +3 Armor and Rapid Deployment. Your tower has +3 Armor.
Steam Price History Mar 22, 2019
CHANGE 7.50%
HIGH $0.54
LOW $0.43

Vesture of the Tyrant

Vesture of the Tyrant is a rare card that cost 19 gold which you can get in the item shop during the game. This item card gives the hero you’ve equipped it with an additional 3 points of Armor and Rapid Deployment. Along with the hero, your tower will also gain 3 points of Armor. You can bet that every single enemy that you encounter in the game will rush to get this one item at the expense of everything else. Besides other item cards like Traveler’s Cloak and Horn of the Alpha, this card is one of—if not the—best item cards in the game.

It’s no surprise that Vesture of the Tyrant is hailed as one of the truly rare cards in Artifact, but also a very powerful one as well. At 19 gold, however, it is also one of the most expensive ones, just below Horn of the Alpha. Due to its overall cost, the use of this card is situational. While this armor buffs both your hero of choosing and your tower with +3 Armor, the real kicker here is the use of Rapid Deployment that’s equipped to your hero. With Rapid Deployment, your hero gets to return to the board when killed instead of having to sit out a turn. This alone makes it spitefully migraine-inducing for your enemy, especially if you equip it to a powerful hero such as Axe. Overall, this item card is truly an overpowered card that can adapt to any meta, as long as there won’t be any adjustments or nerfs that’ll be made.

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