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Having trouble constructing your Artifact deck? We've got you covered. Whether you want an Aggro deck or a purely black one, you can easily find the deck that's best for you expertly made by veterans of the game on our site.
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How to Create the Best Artifact Deck?

When it comes to trading card games, your deck isn’t just a normal stack of cards, it’s your lifeline and ultimately what’ll lead you to victories. Understandably, coming up with your own build, figuring out what cards work, and deciding on to build on is not something you can do right away. While it may be hard at first, there’s nothing more rewarding than winning games with your own build. To help with that, here are some essential tips on how to create not just a fun deck for you to play with, but a winning one as well.

Know the Basics of Deck Construction

Your main deck can have a minimum of 40 cards with five heroes, but there’s no indicated upper limit, meaning depending on what you want, your deck can be as loaded or as thin as you like. So if you want to put every card you have in your deck, you’re free to go right ahead! However, the downside of doing this is that your deck won’t be streamlined to prioritize certain cards that you may want more than others—especially during intense situations. You’ll also be constructing a separate item deck. These have to be a minimum of nine cards in the deck, but again you can always put more in if you want to.

Choose Your Style

The first choice you have to make when picking a deck in Artifact is the color you want to play. This not only shows what heroes you can choose from, but also dictates your overall play style. Blue is control-based and is good for long games, while green uses ramp and powerful creeps with buffs on them to over the board, red has tanky and aggressive heroes, and black focuses on eliminating enemies easily all the while gaining gold. You can mix and match those colors in any way that you want. However, as you can only play cards in a lane that has a hero of the same color, it’s best to go with just one or two colors to increase general consistency.

When it comes to deck-building strategies and gameplay, it can’t escape the traditional breakdown into Aggro, Midrange, and Control play styles. Read this deck-building guide to help you build the best decks for all three types.