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Check who the best Artifact players are! Our rankings are updated twice a day and do not include bot games. Players need to have at least 200 games to be ranked.
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Global Ranking
Heroes Stats
Game Time
2,356 Hrs
Win %
Game Time
Rank Player Games Wins Wins % Avg. Turns Win Streak Biggest Streak Best Hero
1 382 251 65.7% 6.8 1 19
2 681 443 65.1% 6 0 17
3 836 505 60.4% 7 0 12
4 415 243 58.6% 6.8 3 10
5 1,207 698 57.8% 7.3 0 10
6 820 459 56.0% 6.2 0 10
7 1,192 634 53.2% 7.3 2 10
8 319 167 52.4% 6.7 2 6
9 456 235 51.5% 6 0 17
10 593 295 49.8% 7 1 7
11 992 489 49.3% 7.1 1 9
12 426 199 46.7% 7.1 0 8

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Here in RedMist, we prioritize in giving you the tools you never knew you needed. Without our global stats, we’ll provide you information that even the Artifact Steam stats, the Steamcharts can’t. With the recent ranked ladder added to the game, players are trying their hardest to reach the top spot as number one worldwide.

Here in the Global Rankings, we provide ample amount of info on who are the top 20 and below players in the rankings, and that doesn’t include bot matches. You can check out each player by clicking their name, from there you can see their overall performance on constructed modes and draft modes, each divided into specific types. You’ll also be able to see their win rate and how many matches they’ve played, arranged into order from wins, losses, and draws.

If you want to know your personal stats, simply download our Chrome or Firefox extension ZIP and click on the extension’s icon and the big red button. Once Chrome or Firefox has downloaded all your details, you’ll be able to see a summary of your last 10 games. You can also see your complete player stats through our website itself. In your profile here in RedMist, you’ll be able to see your complete match history, hero line-up per match, your total win rate, and more.

Artifact Card Stats: Choose Your Hero

When creating your deck, you have to have five heroes to lead your battle. Here we’ll show what the most picked heroes that players choose are and their win percentage. These stats, along with the Global Rankings will always be updated twice a day to ensure that you get the most recent stats.

You can also check out the Heroes Stats and the Match History of the players, just like in MOBA games, but better! In Heroes Stats, you’ll be able to see which Heroes the players favor the most, counting in how many games they’ve won with the hero and the best and worst pairings they’ve made so far with the said hero. Furthermore, you can check out their Steam Profile as well as their Card Collection if you want to construct your deck by following the playstyle of other players.