Artifact Guides - A Quick Introduction to Rarities

Artifact Guides - A Quick Introduction to Rarities

True to its nature as a trading card game, Artifact categorizes cards throughout your experience according to rarity.

In Artifact, there are four tiers, namely:

  1. Basic – These are the cards included in the first two decks you receive upon game purchase. While they don’t have stats or effects that are immediate game-changers, they do make the backbone of your first two decks and will be necessary when you play your first few games. You can’t sell basic cards–a failsafe to ensure that you can’t lose too many cards and end up being unable to play.


  1. Common – These are the cards that comprise most of the packs that you’ll be opening. They have better stats and effects compared to basic cards, but not much. They can also be sold but will only garner you cents, so you’re better off keeping them in your hand.


  1. Uncommon – Contrary to the name, uncommon cards aren’t difficult to find, as you’ll be getting a few of them in every pack. Most of the time, uncommon cards will be the accessible and reliable ones on your deck. They’re worth more than common cards but are still not worth selling, although some cards will be rather sought after, depending on the meta. You might even want to buy some of them yourself.


  1. Rare – These are the highest tier of rarity. As such, rare cards usually have superb stats or effects. For every pack, you will be receiving one piece per pack. Good ones that are difficult to find can cost as much as ten dollars.


Artifact card rarity interface

Keep in mind that while rarities are a good benchmark that can help you determine how good cards are. However, this is not always the case as the matter is subjective. Some uncommon cards can serve you better and be more synergistic to your gaming approach. In the end, it’s all up to you which cards are good and which cards aren’t.

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