Artifact to go mobile?

Artifact to go mobile?

While Artifact was released last year, a mobile version of it is set to be released in the middle of this year for both Android and iOS devices. Valve will be launching Artifact as the company's first mobile title that uses the Source 2 Engine, a much more updated version of their Source gaming engine.

Unlike its PC counterpart, the single-player campaign won’t be available in the mobile version. There's also no news yet as to why this is so, but we can certainly expect the mobile version to be centered on PvP action.

Now for a little bad news; Unfortunately, Artifact won't be free-to-play on mobile. However, a price point hasn't been mentioned as of press time. So what can we expect from the mobile game version? Will it be a cash-grab game? Will this move draw in more players to try it out despite its paywall?

It all remains to be seen.

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