Introducing our Deck Builder!

Introducing our Deck Builder!

After weeks of hard work, we're pleased to announce the release of our newest feature: the Deck Builder.

With that tool, you'll be able to create your own custom deck and publish it on the Red Mist. The main functionalities are:

  • Assemble a deck with all the available cards in the game
  • Quickly filter and search the card list for an easy selection into the deck
  • See how many cards of each color and mana cost you have inside the Mana Curve
  • Check the deck's current cost on the Steam Market as you add cards to it
  • Import/export a deck with the Artifact Deck Code available in the in-game deck builder


In the next few weeks, we'll be adding more functionalities to the deck builder by first making it more user-friendly on mobile devices, and then by adding a star rating system so that you'll be able to vote for your favorite decks and quickly find the most popular decks on the deck list page.

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